Moisture Analyzer SARTORIUS MA 35

Moisture Analyzer SARTORIUS MA 35


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Features: • The MA35 is the new basic model in the moisture analyzer series from Sartorius. • Its performance functions and operating concept are geared toward daily routine processes, such as repetitive QC monitoring of samples as performed during in-process control and incoming goods inspection. • To make the MA35 even more user-friendly, we have done away with seldom-used programming options without compromising flexibility or measurement accuracy. • End-point determination is fully automatic. It is no longer necessary to program a shutoff parameter. • The MA35 continuously monitors the drying process and stops the measurement as soon as the sample has reached a constant weight – i.e., when no more weight loss can be detected despite heating. • A built-in weighing system provides the measurement accuracy required for this with 1-mg resolution that is optimized for use in high temperature ranges. • For sample heating, the MA35 is equipped with two powerful metal tubular-shaped heating elements, providing 360 watts of power. These heating elements,also called dark radiators, are both rugged and durable. Compared to heating lamps made from glass, e.g. infrared lamps or halogen heaters, these are especially resistant to dirt and vibration. In addition, the MA35's metal heating elements can be used in accordance with the strict guidelines of the FDA and HACCP in cases where glass is prohibited in certain production processes. • The operating design focuses on accuracy and ease of use. The concise display shows the user all important information at a single glance. Easy-to-understand icons guide you in three steps from taring the sample pan to starting the measurement. The MA35 has done away with the regular Program Selection menu, opting instead for a limited number of drying routines that can be saved in the non-volatile memory. All important operating parameters can be accessed and changed in seconds, giving you more flexibility. • The optional printer, YDP03-0CE, enables you to print analysis results on a short report to save on paper usage. If you need comprehensive documentation, you can also print out the sample analysis results as well as the data for the weighing system and temperature calibration as a detailed GLP report. Specifications: • Max. weighing capacity: 35 g. • Measuring accuracy of the weighing system: 1 mg. • Reproducibility, average (%): - Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 1g: ± 0.2. - Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 5 g: ± 0.05. • Readability: 0.01 %. • Display mode for results % moisture: - % dry weight (solids). - % RATIO. - g residue. • Analysis mode: Fully automatic. • Timer settings: 0.1-99 min. • Sample heating: Infrared heating using metal heating elements. • Access to sample chamber: Hinged cover with wide opening angle. • Special version compliant with FDA|HACCP regulations: With aluminum panel inserts instead of glass panels. • Temperature range and settings: 40°C–160°C, adjustable in 1-degree increments. • Operator guidance: By icons. • Number of program memories: 1. • Memory for data storage: End point up to the next moisture analysis run. • Data printer: Short report; Comprehensive GLP report in the following choice of languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian. • Data interface port: RS-232C, for data transmission to a printer or a computer. • Housing dimensions in mm: Width 224, depth 366, height 191. • Weight approx.: 5.8 kg.


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